BWN-Lab Workshops

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May 15

OILMOLES: Sensors for Oil Reservoir Digging

Hengzhao Yang

Overview on Oil Reservoir Environment

Abdallah A. Al-Shehri

Inter-Controller Synchronization in Distributed SDN Controllers

Ahyoung Lee

Traffic Engineering for Software Defined Networking

Shih-Chun Lin

Network State Acquisition for Traffic Modeling and Classification

Josep Xavier Salvat

QoS-aware Routing for Centralized Controller in SDNs

Alba Xifra


May 16

Green Heterogeneous Cellular Systems

Elias Chavarria

Molecular Communication for Drug Delivery Systems

Youssef Chahibi

Ultra-broadband Communication Networks in the Terahertz Band

Chong Han

MIMO Channel Analysis in the THz Band

Francisco Raul-Ian

Fundamental Limits and Communication System Design for Microfluidic Molecular Channels

A. Ozan Bicen

Genetically Engineered Bacteria-Based Transceivers for Molecular Communication

Bige D. Unluturk

Architecture Design for Massive MIMO-enabled Time-Division Duplex Heterogeneous Networks

David Gutierrez


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August 19

Deploying Wireless Sensor Networks in Underground Soil Medium

Zhi Sun

Correlation and Mobility Aware Traffic Modeling in Data Networks

Pu Wang

Correlation-Based Communication in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

 Rui Dai

Bridging Two-Tier Cellular Networks: Femto-Relays

 David Gutierrez

Radio Resource Management in Multifemtocell Networks

 Elias Chavarria


August 20

Enabling Communication in Wireless Electromagnetic Nanonetworks in the Terahertz Band

Josep Miquel Jornet

ALOHA-Like Medium Access Control for Wireless Electromagnetic Nanonetworks in the Terahertz Band

Joan Capdevila

Diffusion-based Molecular Communication for Nanonetworks: from Physical Models to Information Capacity

Massimiliano Pierobon

Molecular Communications using Pheromones

Francesco Rocca Cirasa

Heterogeneous Primary Users Recognition and Adaptability Effects in Cognitive Radio Networks

Anna Vizziello

Cognitive Radio Design for Small Form Factor Software Radio Platforms

Yahia Tachwali


October 29

Connectivity in Large-scale Cognitive Radio Ad-hoc Networks

Pu Wang

Capacity and Delay Scaling in Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks


Pan Zhou

Underground Wireless Networking: A New Frontier of Communications

 Zhi Sun

Correlation-Aware Protocol Design for Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

 Rui Dai

Enabling technologies for Long Term Evolution (LTE) Advanced

 Elias Chavarria


November 6

    Reinforcement Learning for Cognitive Radio Networks

Brandon Lo

Reinforcement Learning for Cooperation Reliability and Security in Cognitive Radio Networks

Nemanja Vucevic

Electromagnetic Wireless Nanosensor Networks in the Terahertz Band

Josep Miquel Jornet Montana

Molecular Channel Model for Communication in Nanonetworks

Massimiliano Pierobon


September 9

Nanonetworks: The
Future at Molecular Scale

Neus Roca Lacasa

A Study on Correlation for Visual
Information in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

April Dai

Spatial Correlated Traffic Modeling for Tactical Military Networks

 Pu Wang

Overview of Channel Models for Underwater
Wireless Communication Networks

 Mari Carmen Domingo

Propagation in Underground:
Physical Layer Techniques for Wireless
Underground Communication Networks

 Zhi Sun


September 10

    Reliable Common Control Channels in
Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks

Brandon Lo

A Discrete-Time Markov Framework for
the Characterization of Dynamic
Spectrum Access Scenarios

Xavier Gelabert

Challenges in Cognitive Radio MACs for
Cognitive Wireless Ad hoc Networks

Claudia Cormio

Analysis and Modeling of Primary User�s
Self Similar Behavior in Cognitive Networks

Berk Canberk

TP-CRAHN: A Transport Protocol for
Cognitive Radio Ad-hoc Networks

Kaushik Chowdhury

Joint Spectrum and Power Allocation
for Inter-Cell Sharing
in Cognitive Radio Networks

Won-Yeol Lee


November 9

Nanonetworks: A New Communication  
Paradigm at Molecular Level

Cristina Blazquez and Fernando Brunetti

An integrated PHY-MAC-Routing  
Scheme for Cognitive Networks

Marco Di Felice and Kaushik Chowdhury

Multi-Channel Cognitive Radio MAC

 Qi Zhang

Spectrum Decision Framework  
for Cognitive Radio Networks

 Won-Yeol Lee


November 16

    A Spectrum-Tree based Routing Protocol  
  for Cognitive Wireless Mesh Networks

Guomei Zhu

Mobility Management for Spectrum Handoff  
in Cognitive Radio Network

Ruoju Liu

Error control in Wireless Multimedia  
Sensor Networks

Moazzam Khan

Transport Layer Issues in Wireless  
Multimedia Sensor Networks

Shivaranjani Sankara Krishnan

  Multimedia Processing  
in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Rui (April) Dai

  Routing in Underwater Acoustic Channels

Nan Zhao

Underground Wireless Channel Model

Zhi Sun

WOrkshop on advances in Wireless NETworking
(WOW-NET 2007)

May 18, 2007
Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, USA
In conjunction with
IFIP Networking 2007

A Real-Time Surveillance System with Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks using Smart Antennas

Dr. Eylem Ekici

Homeostasis-based Communication in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Dr. Ozgur B. Akan

A TDMA-based WSN Design for Military Monitoring 

 Dr. Tuna Tugcu

Coordination of Wireless Sensor Networks for Environment Monitoring Applications

 Dr. Janise McNair

IMS Service Control and Orchestration

Dr. Wei Liu

Traffic Modeling and Forecasting using Non-Linear Time Series Model- GARCH

Nikkie Anand and Dr. Caterina Scoglio

Multi-Domain WLAN Resource Management Using Multi-Agent Systems

Dr. Linda Jiang Xie

Efficient Algorithms for Reliable Multicast

Laurent Nadeau and Dr. Tricha Anjali

Exploiting Contact Dependency for Routing
in Delay Tolerant Networks

Dr. Chao Chen

Distributed Data Retrieval in Sensor Networks

Dr. Weilian Su


September 18

Cross-Layer Analysis of Error Control in Wireless Sensor Networks

Mehmet Can Vuran

Link Quality Estimation in Wireless Sensor Networks: Experiments and Applications

Vehbi Cagri Gungor

Spectrum Management Framework for OFDM-based Cognitive Radio Networks 

 Won Yeol Lee

COMNETs - A COGnitive Mesh NETwork architecture

 Kaushik Roy Chowdhury

September 19

A Communication Architecture for
Mobile Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks

Tommaso Melodia

Distributed Routing Algorithms
for Delay-insensitive and
Delay-sensitive Applications in
Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Dario Pompili


October 20

Communication and Coordination in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks: Algorithms and Applications

Tommaso Melodia

XLM: Cross-Layer Module for Unified Event Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks

M. Can Vuran

Hybrid Network Architecture for Electric System Automation 

 V. Cagri Gungor

Topology Control and Channel Assignment in Wireless Mesh Networks

 Stefano Avallone

October 21

Transport Layer Issues for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UWASN)

Selcuk Uluagac

Routing Solutions for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Dario Pompili

Underground Wireless Communications - Applications and Challenges

Erich Stuntebeck

Challenges for NeXt Generation (XG) Wireless Networks

Won Yeol Lee



September 22

Framework for Cross-Layer Mobility
Management in Next Generation
Wireless Systems

Shantidev Mohanty

A Routing Framework
for Interplanetary Internet

Chao Chen

Internet Based Power Substation
Automated Management 

 V. Cagri Gungor

A Cooperative Flow Control
Scheme for InterPlaNetary Internet

 Jian Fang

September 24

Analytical Framework for Next
Generation Integrated
Ad-Hoc Cellular Networks

Mehmet Can Vuran

On the Interdependence of
Distributed Topology Control and
Geographical Routing
in Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Tommaso Melodia

Coordination Framework for
Wireless Sensor and
Actor Networks

Ismail H. Kasimoglu

Challenges for Efficient Communication
in Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks

Dario Pompili


September 24

DiffServ/MPLS Network Management for End-to-End Quality of Service

Tricha Anjali

Time-Diffusion Synchronization Protocol for Sensor Networks

Weilian Su

Collaborative Medium Access in Dense Sensor Networks 

 Mehmet Can Vuran

A QoS-Based Routing Algorithm in Multimedia Satellite Networks

 Chao Chen

September 25

RCP-Planet: A Rate Control Protocol for Multimedia Traffic in InterPlaNetary Internet

Jian Fang

ATL: Adaptive Transport Layer for Next Generation Wireless Networks

Ozgur Baris Akan

Location Management in Heterogeneous Overlay Networks

Jiang (Linda) Xie

Mobility Management in an Integrated 3G/WLAN Environment: A Novel Third Party Approach

Shantidev Mohanty


August 22

Streaming Enabled Routing in Sensor Networks

Weilian Su

Optimal Packet Size for Wireless Sensor Networks

Yogesh Sankarasubramaniam

An OFDM-TDMA/SA MAC Protocol with QoS Constraints for Broadband Wireless LANs

Xudong Wang

A New Technique for Velocity Estimation Using Power Spectral Density of Received Signal Envelope in Next Generation Wireless Systems

 Shantidev Mohanty

User Independent  Paging Scheme Based on Location and Mobility Rate for Mobile IP

Jiang (Linda) Xie

The VRT Scheme to Support Mobile SSM in MIPv6

Young-Jun Lee

August 23

TCP Planet in Deep Space Networks

Jian Fang

The Analytical Rate Control Protocol for Real-Time Traffic in Wireless Networks

Ozgur Baris Akan

A Poker-Game Based Feedback Suppression Algorithm

Sungrae Cho

End-to-End Measurement  of Available Bandwidth 

Tricha Anjali

A Novel Approach for MPLS Network Dimensioning with Service and Fault Protection

Jaudelice Cavalcante de Oliveira

Satellite Grouping and Routing Protocol in LEO/MEO Satellite IP Networks

Chao Chen


August 30

A New Preemption Policy for DiffServ-Aware Traffic Engineering Minimizing Rerouting

Jaudelice Cavalcante de Oliveira

Resource Management in DiffServ/MPLS Networks

Caterina Scoglio

Network Layer Integration of Terrestrial and Satellite IP Networks over BGP-S

Eylem Ekici


Routing Challenges in Sensor Networks

Weilian Su


A Novel Channel Reservation Scheme for Soft Handoff in CDMA Networks

Xudong Wang

August 31

Adaptive FEC for Real-time Communication in Satellite Multicast Networks

Sungrae Cho

TCP Peachtree: A Multicast Transport Protocol for Satellite IP Networks

Jian Fang

A Hybrid AFEC/ARQ Protocol for QoS based Wireless Networks using Punctured Turbo Codes

Cenk Demiroglu

A Distributed Dynamic Regional Location Management Scheme for Mobile IP

Jiang (Linda) Xie

Optimal Location Area Design to Minimize Registration Traffic

Erdal Cayirci



 July 20
July 21
QoS in the Next Generation Internet

Jaudelice Cavalcante de Oliveira
Tricha Anjali

3rd Generation (3G) Wireless Systems

Jiang (Linda) Xie
Wenye Wang

Wireless LANs

Xudong Wang
Ana Elisa Goulart

4th Generation (4G) Wireless Systems

Janise McNair


Datagram-Based Routing & Multicasting for LEO Satellite Networks

Eylem Ekici

A Framework to Provide End-to-End Delay Guarantees without Per-Flow Management in Next Generation Internet

Giacomo Morabito

TCP-Peach: A Flow Control Scheme for Satellite IP Networks

Giacomo Morabito

A New Wideband CDMA MAC Protocol with Joint Design of BER Scheduling and Channel Coding

Xudong Wang

RCS: A Rate Control Scheme for Real-Time Traffic in Networks with Long Propagation Delays and High Bit Error Rates

Jin Tang

Intersystem Location Update and Paging

Wenye Wang

Adaptive FEC for Real-Time Traffic in LEO Satellite Networks

S.R. Cho and A. Goulart

Fast IP-layer Handover in Mobile IP

Young Jun Lee